About us

Semantica Ltd, a UK SME founded in 1995 specialises in language research projects, cross-European and UK-based, and is adept at managing divers cross-cultural teams from many countries.


Semantica Ltd. primarily operates as an international R&D and project management company, specialising in the analysis and survey of cross-border language and communication skills used in international trade, business and commerce. In addition to consultancy, the company offers policy advice to government agencies, chambers and NGOs on the subject of language, culture and internationalisation in business for the purpose of improving export turnover.  

The Company client list includes:

  • DTI Export Services, Trade Partners UK; UK Trade & Investment;
  • Regional Development Agencies UK;
  • CILT, the National Centre for Languages;
  • European Commission (MLIS, Multilingualism programmes);
  • British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)
  • Tipik (Communications) Brussels.

The company has long standing experience of acting as co-ordinating manager in EU projects and has a highly professional network domestically and internationally.  Our products include an Intercultural Curriculum for postgraduate students in the language and business sectors and a business guide on how to trade more efficiently by improving cross-border communication. We were the organisation responsible for the ELAN Survey and Pimlico reports undertaken for the European Commission, DG EAC in 2006 and in 2011. 

Executive Director


Stephen Hagen 

Phone: +44 7970 526 569

Email: semantica@btinternet.com


Stephen Hagen is a Professor and recognised leader in the Higher Education sector with a permanent professorship. He has extensive Board experience at national, regional, company and university level in both executive and non-executive roles including significant experience  of  senior  organisational management and academic leadership, most recently as a university Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor & CEO. He successfully ran the Mercia Institute of Enterprise at Warwick University before joining UWE, Bristol and later the University of Wales, Newport, where he chaired a joint Executive overseeing the implementation of a significant university merger in Wales (2013). Professor Hagen is in his reserach business-focused. He has an international reputation notably as business author, including a business guide published  in 23 languages (2011). He is the recipient of major research contracts commissioned after participating as PI in  open tenders to the European Commission with CILT and Tipik and an expert in business languages and cross-cultural business  communication. He speaks three languages fluently: English (native language),  French and Russian (plus good knowledge of German) and holds professorial status conferred by four universities (including Warwick). He was first chairman of the UK Science Enterprise Centres and has received awards in Entreneurship at Said Business School, Oxford and MIT.


Stephen Hagen is an expert in educational entrepreneurship and the originator of the ‘entrepreneurial university’ concept for the new university in Wales (USW). He has worked and/or studied extensively abroad, notably in Germany,  Russia, France and Switzerland (currently leading change management at Russian University in St Petersburg) and acted as public speaker by invitation in USA, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium,  Cyprus, Ghana, Barbados and Australia. He acts as an expert and adviser to the European Commission and as an adviser to UK Government (DTI/TPUK/UKTI). In 2012 he was invited on two occasions to give expert presentations at House of Lords  Select Committee on SMEs and Export. 

Managing Director


Susanne Hagen

Phone: +44 7736 346 342

E-mail: semantica@btinternet.com


Susanne Hagen joined Semantica Ltd in 2004 as a senior project manager when she relocated to the UK. From a bilingual background (Swedish/German) she gained her first class degree at Lund University in Sweden, where she was awarded a scholarship by the Goethe Institute to study in Germany. This was followed by an MA (ed), PGCE and in 2007 and an MA in ICT and Foreign Language Acquisition at Aarhus Business School in Denmark. 

In 2006 she joined Warwick University where she designed and taught Intercultural Programmes in Swedish for Business Purposes aimed at blue-chip companies. In 2005 she acted as the research manager on the pan-European Elan study. This was followed in 2011 by the Pimlico campaign, where she led the selection process of companies and managed reseachers and interviewers in 27 countries. She has since held a part-time teaching post at UCL and Cardiff University. She currently works full-time for Semantica Ltd as a Managing Director. She speaks Swedish, German, English, Danish (intermediate), Norwegian (intermediate), French (intermediate).